Daphne Loiseau Explains The BDP

Montreal Franchise Manager Daphne Louiseau sources and secures media attention for her entrepreneurial endeavor. With a new media clip to build her portfolio and resume, Daphne explains how the Business Development Program works, discusses support provided, and reviews how this opportunity has enabled her to look introspectively to help determine a future career path upon graduation.

Differentiate Your Resume From 1,000,000 Students

Become An Entrepreneur

Manage a business and develop transferable skills in marketing, sales, leadership, conflict resolution, and financial management.

Gain Real World Experience

Employers are looking for students who have set themselves apart. Gain practical experience by managing a $50,000 – $100,000 business.


With average internship earnings between $10,000 – $20,000, build financial profits to cover university tuition and living expenses.

BDP Founder Wins 40 Under Forty

On an Interview with Daytime Ottawa, the founder of the BDP and winner of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce 40 Under Forty Award, discusses why he started the Business Development Program, and how it provides incredible opportunities for students to become entrepreneurs, earn money for tuition, and develop transferable business skills that are applicable towards a future career.

Program Highlight Overview

A Proven Business System

Launch a proven business that has enabled hundreds of university students to become entrepreneurs.

Coaching And Support

Unparalleled coaching and training systems provide all the support required to ensure manager success.

A Culture Of Education

Business education is the cornerstone of our program. Receive continuous access to learning and development.

Engaging Incentives

The true essence of work hard, play hard, the BDP enables managers to reach for the stars and be rewarded.

Incredible Company Events

Experience Canada’s top summer internship culture. Make friends at regional and company wide events.

An Elite Business Network

Develop your skills side by side with incredible entrepreneurs. Build a business network that lasts a lifetime.

Listen To What Students Are Saying About The BDP

Apply to become a manager, experience the summer of a lifetime.